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Create custom insurances that reference other insurances but have some exceptions. Use the new 'Fee Then Ref Other Payor' type.
If you have multiple locations, you can now assign a separate account number to each location.
If you have Atlas, you can now use RxWeb's front end features, including generating line items from fillable order forms or imported quotes and pass the information to Atlas with a click of a button.
Now you can multiply line item values (Retail and Allow for example) by a specified value (2 for example). The multiplication can also only affect rows with specific codes (only K0108 items for example) if desired.
Easily generate Emails to multiple team members mannualy at any time. The default recipients, subject and body are specified in the template. Appropriate recipient Email address are automatically generated from the open order.
Permobil XML files can now be imported into the system to generate line items. Simply order the Permobil chair on the manufacturers website then import the returned XML file in RxWeb.