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Codes can be specified to automatically change the line-item code for specified insurance plans. This can be useful when an insurance is slow to adopt a code change implemented by most other insurances.
To increase security, RxWeb and RxAdmin can automatically log out the user if no mouse clicks or screen touches are performed in a designated period of time (inactivity time).
Simplify and standardize your follow up process. Know when and how to follow up after the sale. Analyze your follow up data to improve your customer satisfaction and increase sales. Customize your follow up process and analysis to best suit your needs through customized forms and reporting.
Justifications can include placeholders such as ~patientFirst~, ~patientLast~, or ~his/her~ replaced with the patients first name, last name, and his or her (based on gender) when the LMN is generated. Click on the link above for a complete list of placeholders.
Create custom insurances that reference other insurances but have some exceptions. Use the new 'Fee Then Ref Other Payor' type.
If you have multiple locations, you can now assign a separate account number to each location.